Admin Bodies


Administration of the college is vested with the Principal. The college council advises and assists the Principal in the academic matters. It is constituted with the heads of 10 teaching departments with at least two members, 3 elected representatives from the teaching staff and the office superintendant as the members. The secretary of the council will be elected by the members of the council and who is responsible to issue notice and communicate the agenda for council meetings and to keep records for the proceedings of the council meetings.


Dr. Ampili M.(Principal)
Dr. K. P. Jayakumar (Secretary)
Dr. N. Sudheesh (Elected Member)
Dr. N. Monikandhan (Elected Member)
Mrs. Maya Venugopal (IQAC-Coordinator)
Mrs. S.Mahadevi
Dr. Indu P. Nair
Dr. K Rejikumar
Dr. M. R. Parvathi
Dr. Praveen Kumar B. R.
Mrs. S. Aiswarya
Dr. Lakshmi G Nair
Mrs. Sudha Rajasekhar
Dr. A. Sreeja
Mr. P. Muralidharan (Office  Superintendent )


Quality improvement should be an integral part of every educational institution and multiple methodological strategies should be used at the same time for the quality assurance and enhancement. The quality of the college was recognized, when it was accredited with B+ grade by National Accreditation and Assessment Cell (NAAC) in 2003. The internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is formed in the post-accreditation period to sustain the momentum of quality consciousness among the stakeholders of the institution and to make the quality enhancement an integral part of the institutional functioning. The IQAC was committed for quality sustenance and enhancement and for the institutionalization and internalization of the quality practices. It assesses the performance of the college annually and conducts internal audits. The IQAC is constituted with convenor from the teaching staff, representatives from all the departments, the superintendant and head accountant, management representative and local body representative


Dr. Ampili M. (Principal)
Mrs. Maya Venugopal(Coordinator)
Sri. M. R. Unni (Management Representative)
Mrs. S. Mahadevi
Dr. Dhanya B. Nair
Dr. A. Sreeja
Dr. Geetha G Nair
Mrs. Sudha Rajasekhar
Dr. S. Rajesh
Dr. N. Madhava Menon (Alumni)
Mr. James Mathew (Industrialist)
Mrs. Sinimol (Ward Member),


The Purchase committee assist the Principal in purchases to the college. All purchases for the college will be made through the committee. The committee is responsible to open the quotations and tenders for the college purchases, to tabulate the available quotations, to make recommend the firm(s) to whom the purchase order may be placed and to negotiate with the firm(s)


Dr. G V Raji Prasad (Convenor)
Dr. M. R. Parvathi (UGC Cell Convenor)
Mr. P. Muralidharan (Office  Superintendent )


The Women’s study Unit aims to empower the girl students with the confidence to face the real challenges of the life. It organises events for girl students to enable them handle any responsible position with greater confidence and commitment and to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness. Women’s study unit is also responsible to combat sexual harassment against the girl students in the campus and a cell is functioning in the college to this effect as per the guidelines of the University. It is a women’s citadel protecting them from atrocities and helping them in the hours of need. Any kind of sexual harassment, physical, verbal or mental, shall come under the purview of the cell and the cell is empowered to initiate legal proceedings against the accused.


Mrs. Deepa Divakaran N(Convener)
Dr. Umadevi A G
Mrs. Veena S. Kumar
Mrs. Amritha Vijay
Adv. Bindu S.


The UGC and the honourable Supreme Court has banned the ragging in the campus and described it as a criminal offence. The Anti-ragging cell will deal with the ragging cases and suggest suitable measures to wipe off the ragging from the campus. If any student is found to be involved in ragging, he/she will be subjected to strict disciplinary actions.


Mrs. Sudha Rajasekhar (Convenor)
Mrs. Deepa Divakaran N
Dr. N. Monikandhan
Dr. Uma Devi A G
Dr. N Sudheesh


As per the guidelines of University, a College Level Monitoring Committee (CLMC) for the CBCSS UG programmes is formed in the college comprising the Principal, all HODs and the 3 elected representatives of the college council. This cell will initiate actions to implement and monitor the decisions of the University from time to time regarding CBCSS programmes


Dr. G. V. Raji Prasad (Principal)
Dr. Geetha G Nair(Convenor)
HoD`s of all Departments
Dr. Jayakumar K P
Mrs. Maya S Nair