Department of Botany

The  Department came into   existence  in 1981 with B.Sc. (Botany) programme  with 32   students and headed by Prof. R. Rajan Unnithan. It is offering training in  self-employment  technologies  like  Mushroom Cultivation   and Vermi-Composting .The result of the  department  have been excellent throughout.

Faculty Name Qualification Contact No. E-mail
Dr. Praveenkumar  B R
Asst. Professor & HOD
MSc, PhD
  Dr. Maya S. Nair
Assistant Professor
MSc, NET, PhD  

Department Strategies

  • Completion of syllabi and effective  knowledge  transaction  based on departmental academic  calendar
  • Conduct seminars ,study tours etc to enable the students to cope with the advanced world of science   and technology
  • Need based student support programme
  • Peer-teaching for weaker students
  • Conduct remedial coaching  for the slow learners
  • Provide training in self –employment technologies
  • Conduct value-based education programme to mould the students into citizens of better culture  and character
  • Departmental extension activities ranges from sacred groove  preservation,  invited lectures on frontier topics of potential areas  of  Botany, extensive  field visits and scientific  investigation of novel and relevant topics through  research projects
  • Department maintains a Botanical Garden which contains several Plants for Conducting Practicals &for giving first hand experience to the students.
  • Make the course valued added by providing awareness in gardening.
  • Provides training in Mushroom Cultivation as part of Open Course
  • Department conducts organic Expo-Vegetables cultivated from the student’s Kitchen Garden