Department of Botany

The Department of Botany came into existence in 1981 with Prof. R. Rajan Unnithan as the first HOD. The sanctioned strength of the department is 32. The Department is offering training in self employment technologies like Mushroom Cultivation and Vermicomposting. The results of the department have been excellent throughout.


Faculty Name Qualification Contact No. E-mail
  Dr. N. Pramod Kumar
Asst. Professor
MSc., B.Ed., Ph.D. 0481 2420795


Department Strategies
>> Completion of the syllabi and effective knowledge transaction based on departmental academic calendar.
>> Conduct seminars, study tours etc. to enable the students to cope with the advanced world of science and technology.
>> Conduct remedial coaching for the slow learners.
>> Provide training in self-employment technologies
>> Conduct value-based education programmes to mould the students into citizens of better culture and character.