Department of History

The Department of History came into existence in 1968 with BA degree course in History. Prof. C.O. Gomathy Amma, the renowned Professor of History of NSS Hindu College became the first HOD. Prof. Mohan (Principal,S.N. College), Mr. M. Basheer (Asst. Excise Commissioner), Mr. Rajan Akkarappadam (Manager, SBT) are some of our prominent alumni. Prof. K. Padmakumari, Prof. K. Kunhirama Kurup, Prof. Valsala, Prof. S.B. Balakrishna Pillai, Prof. Raveendran Nair and Dr. M.G. Indira Devi served the Department as members on the faculty. Prof. B. Viswanathan Nair and Dr. K. Vijayakrishnan, our faculty members were promoted as Principals. The Department offers career counselling to our final year students and the faculty member P. Indira is functioning as the career counsellor for the purpose.


Faculty Name     E-mail
Sudha Rajasekhar
Asst. Professor & HOD
Dr. Dhanya B Nair
Asst. Professor
MA, B.Ed, NET, M.Phil, PhD
Dr. Anjali Devi M.
Asst. Professor in Politics

Department Strategies

  • Remedial programme for weak students and slow learners
  • Organizing seminars and talks by distinguished personalities from time to time.
  • Innovative projects for preaching the cultural heritage of Cherthala and its importance historical monuments
  • Unitized syllabi and rigorous curricular transaction based on teaching plan and academic calendar.
  • Conduct of seminars, workshops, field study, visit to orphanage or remand/old-age home to inculcate human values
  • Conduct of outreach programmes for the higher secondary teachers/students
  • Involving the students in community services

Four Year Honours Degree in History