Department of Physical Education

The department started functioning in 1965 under its first HOD, Mr. B. Balakrishnan Nair. Presently, the college has Football ground, Shuttle Badminton court, Volleyball court, Kabadi court, Cricket cement pitch with net, Basketball court and infrastructure facilities like Weight training equipments, weighing machine, Aerobics, Yoga, 200ms track, chess board with its software, Carom boards and supporting equipments for all games. We have college teams for Volleyball, Shuttle Badminton, Kabadi, Weight lifting; Power lifting, Chess, Cricket, Football, Table Tennis, Track and Field and Aquatics.
In addition, the physical education department offers the course, “Health and Physical Fitness” as an open course for the fifth semester UG students as per the CBCSS Syllabus.

Faculty Name Qualification E-mail
Dr. Indu P Nair

Assistant Professor(HOD)

MPEd., M.Phil, Ph.D.,

Department Strategies:
>> Motivate all students to participate in various sports, games and fitness programmes.
>> Give special training to those with extra-ordinary performance
>> Conduct summer coaching camps in Cricket
>> Provide training in Chess using Firitz-7 software.

Facilities Available

Apart from the participation in the Sports & Games events, the Department concentrates on the overall physical fitness of the students. The Department is fully equipped with all the required sports and fitness machines.

1. Manual Gymnasium
2. Chess
3. Carram Board
4. Basket Ball Court
5. Volley Ball Court
6. Cricket Cement Net Pitch
7. Indoor Shuttle Court
Every Year according to Kerala University Sports Calendar, the Department prepare the following teams for various tournaments and championships.
1. Volley Ball
2. Shuttle Badminton
3. Athletics
4. Weight Lifting, Power Lifting and body building
5. Football
6. Chess
7. Cricket
8. Swimming
9. Hand Ball
10. Kabaddi