Dr. Vaisakhan Thampi D. S.

Assistant Professor,
Department of Physics,
NSS College, Cherthala,
K.R. Puram P. O

Address Syamalalayam, Kallippara, Palode, Pacha P. O, Thiruvananthapuram
Mobile 9846608238
E-mail ID dsvthampi@gmail.com
Qualifications M.Sc, NET-JRF, Ph.D.
Areas of Interest Materials Science, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Science Communication
Research profile
  • Five years of working experience in synthesis and characterization of solid oxide electrolyte materials
  • Hands-on experience in working X-Ray Diffraction, Electron Microscopy, Impedance spectroscopy and related scientific equipment.
  • Five publications in international scientific journals and five paper presentations in national and international conferences.

List of Publications

In SCI journals

  • “Influence of Aliovalent Cation substitution on structural and electrical properties of Gd2(Zr1-xMx)2O7-δ (M = Sc, Y) system”, Vaisakhan Thampi D. S., Prabhakar Rao Padala, Renju U. A., RSC Advances, 5,88675 – 88685 (2015)
  • “Induced Oxygen vacancies and their effect on the Structural and Electrical properties of a Fluorite-type CaZrO3–Gd2Zr2O7 system”, Vaisakhan Thampi, Prabhakar Rao Padala and A. N. Radhakrishnan, New Journal of Chemistry, 39,1469–1476 (2015)
  • “Influence of Ce substitution on the Order-to-Disorder Structural Transition, Thermal expansion and Electrical properties in Sm2Zr2-xCexO7 system”, S. Vaisakhan Thampi, P. Prabhakar Rao and A. N. Radhakrishnan, RSC Advances, 4, 12321–12329 (2014)
  • “Role of Bond Strength on the Lattice Thermal Expansion and Oxide Ion Conductivity in Quaternary Pyrochlore Solid Solutions”, N. Radhakrishnan, P. Prabhakar Rao, S. K. Mahesh, S. Vaisakhan Thampi and Peter Koshy, Inorganic Chemistry, 51, 2409–2419 (2012)
  • “New orange-red emitting phosphor La3NbO7:Eu3+ under blue excitation”, Linda T. Francis, P. Prabhakar Rao, Mariyam Thomas, S.K. Mahesh, V.R.Reshmi, Vaisakhan D.S.Thampi, Materials Letters, 81, 142–144 (2012)

In Conferences

  1. Enhanced conductivity in fluorite-type Gd2Zr2O7lattice through doping-induced oxygen vacancies”, S. Vaisakhan Thampi and P. Prabhakar Rao, Presented at International Conference on Science Technology and Applications of Rare Earths (ICSTAR 15) conference held at Thiruvananthapuram on April 23-25, 2015.
  2. Influence of CaZrO3 addition on structure and electrical properties of RE2Zr2O7 (RE: Y, Sm)”, Vaisakhan Thampi D S, Prabhakar Rao P. and A. N. Radhakrishnan, Presented at 25th Kerala Science Congress held at Technopark, Trivandrum on January 30, 2013.
  3. Structure and ionic conductivity studies in CaRECeNbO7 system (RE: Gd, Nd, Pr, Sm, Y)”, Vaisakhan Thampi D S, Prabhakar Rao P. and A. N. Radhakrishnan, Presented at Indian Analytical Science Congress (IASC) held at Kanyakumari on January 27-28, 2012.
  4. Oxide ionic conductors in Bi, B and Sb doped Ce8Gd0.2O2 system for fuel cell applications”, Vaisakhan Thampi D S, Prabhakar Rao P. and A. N. Radhakrishnan, Aswathy S. Nair, Deepika V. R., Lekshmi U, Presented at Science Technology and Applications of Rare Earths conference (STAR 2011) held at Munnar on August 19-20, 2011
  5. Electrical properties of Gd2Zr2O7-CaTiO3 solid solutions for fuel cell applications”, Renju U A, P. Prabhakar Rao, and Vaisakhan Thampi D S, Presented at National Conference on Advanced Technologies for Materials Processing and Diagnostics (ISAS 2014) held at Kochi on September 18-24, 2014.