Divya K M

Name                             Divya K. M.

Designation                  Assistant Professor

Department                  Chemistry  

E-mail:                           divyadevuty2008@gmail.com

Educational Qualifications    M.Sc, M.Phil, B.Ed., NET

Year of experience               9 years 3 months

Research Experience

Area of Research/Specializations    Bioinorganic chemistry



            Fellowships           CSIR JRF(Chemical Science 2012)



Published books- NIL

Books edited- NIL

Articles published in edited books- 4

1. K. M. Divya, S.Priya Rajan, S. Balchandran, P.V. Mohanan, EFFECT OF COMPLEXATION ON THE ANTIOXIDANT PROPERTY OF CURCUMIN,23rd Swadeshi Science Congress – 2013 Proceedings, ISBN: 978-81-928129-1-5

2. K. M. Divya, S. Balchandran, P.V. Mohanan, Stability of Curcumin and Curcumin ethylene diamine complex in alkaline, acidic and neutral media. New Frontiers in Chemical Research –Proceedings of the 13th Prof. K.V. Thomas Endowment National Seminar, 2014, ISBN: 978-81-930558-0-9

3. K. M. Divya, P.V. Mohanan, Enhancing the free radical scavenging activity of ZnO nanoparticle by modifying its surface by conjugating with curcumin, Plural Nuances- Perspective on Society, Science and literature, Barter publishing, 2021, ISBN: 978- 81- 921234- 7-9.

4. K. M. Divya, Ajith S., Mohit M.K., Amal Babu M.P., Athira K.T., Haritha D., Krishna Sunil Kumar, Study on the diversity and ecology of the butterfly fauna in the campus of NSS college, Cherthala, Ruminations, Barter publishing,2022, ISBN: 978- 81- 959280-0-2.

Research papers in Research Journals -7

1. Dr. Jeena. V. R, Dr. Bindu. U and Divya. K.M. Comparison of photo catalytic and antibacterial activities of zinc oxide and copper oxide nanoparticles synthesised by sol-gel method, Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Special issue 1: January 2016.

2. Pradeep, Savitha Devaswamparambil, Deepa Sebastian, Anjali Krishna Gopalakrishnan, Divya Kizhakkeppurath Manoharan, Dhanya Thaikatt Madhusudhanan, and Puzhavoorparambil V. Mohanan. “Synthesis and Characterization of a Novel Heterocyclic Schiff Base and Development of a Fluorescent Sensor for Vitamin B12.” Journal of Fluorescence 31, no. 4 (2021): 1113-1123.

3. Divya, K. M., D. P. Savitha, G. Anjali Krishna, T. M. Dhanya, and P. V. Mohanan. “Crystal structure, DFT studies, Hirshfeld surface and energy framework analysis of 4-(5-nitro-thiophen-2-yl)-pyrrolo [1, 2-a] quinoxaline: A potential SARS-CoV-2 main protease inhibitor.” Journal of Molecular Structure 1251 (2022): 131932.

4. Gopalakrishnan, Anjali Krishna, Shanty Antony Angamaly, Savitha Devaswamparambil Pradeep, Dhanya Thaikatt Madhusoodhanan, Divya Kizhakkeppurath Manoharan, and Puzhavoorparambil Velayudhan Mohanan. “A Novel Imidazole Bound Schiff Base as Highly Selective “Turn-on” Fluorescence Sensor for Zn2+ and Colorimetric Kit for Co2+.” Journal of Fluorescence 32, no. 1 (2022): 189-202.

5. Divya, K. M., D. P. Savitha, G. Anjali Krishna, T. M. Dhanya, and P. V. Mohanan. “A thiophene based pyrrolo [1, 2-a] quinoxaline fluorescent probe as a “turn-off” sensor for the selective nanomolar detection of sodium ion.” Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry (2022): 114046.

6. Dhanya, T. M., G. Anjali Krishna, D. P. Savitha, A. A. Shanty, K. M. Divya, Shenoi K. Priya, and P. V. Mohanan. “A review on the synthesis and biological relevance of benzo [b] thiophene derivatives.” Phosphorus, Sulfur, and Silicon and the Related Elements (2022): 1-17.
7. Pradeep, Savitha D., Anjali K. Gopalakrishnan, Divya K. Manoharan, Rema S. Soumya, Raghu K. Gopalan, and Puzhavoorparambil V. Mohanan. “Isatin derived novel Schiff bases: An efficient pharmacophore for versatile biological applications.” Journal of Molecular Structure 1271 (2023): 134121

Paper presentations

 International Seminars

1.  Presented a paper in International Webinar-RABoC 2021 organized by the Department

of Chemistry, Kariavattom campus, University of Kerala, Trivandrum.

2.  Presented a paper titled ‘Molecular geometry, conformational, vibrational spectroscopic, molecular orbital and Mulliken charge analysis of 4-(5-nitro-thiophen-2-yl)-pyrrolo(1,2-a)quinoxaline’ in the International Conference on ‘Engrossing Trends in Chemistry’ organized by PG Department of Polymer Chemistry

3. Presented a poster entitled ‘Effect of incorporation of Imidazole ligand on the antioxidant property of Curcumin’ in an International Symposium on New Trends in Applied Chemistry (NTAC-2017) organized by Post Graduate and Research Department of Chemistry, SH College, Thevara

4. Presented a poster entitled ‘Inhibitory effect  of Curcumin conjugated zinc oxide flower like nanostructure on the growth of bacterial and fungal strains’ in International Conference on Sustainable Innovations in Green Chemistry and New Technological Developments (ICSIG-2018) ’ at Maharaja’s College, Ernakulam

5. Presented a poster entitled ‘Curcumin conjugated ZnO nanoparticle with enhanced biological properties’ in an International conference on Multidisciplinary research AKS 2020 by St. albert’s College, Ernakulam

National Seminars

1. Presented a paper entitled “Effect of complexation on the antioxidant property of curcumin” in the 23rd Swadeshi science Congress at M.G University, Kottayam, 2013.

2. Presented a paper entitled ‘Stability of Curcumin and Curcumin ethylene diamine complex in alkaline, acidic and neutral media’ National Seminar- New Frontiers in Chemical Research 2014, organized by Department of chemistry, S.H college, Thevara.

3. Presented a poster entitled ‘Effect of pH and concentration of buffer solution on the degradation of curcumin analogues in aqueous media, National seminar on Current Trends in Chemistry CTRIC 2014 At Cochin University of Science and Technology.

4. Presented a paper entitled ‘Evaluation of stability and antioxidant property of Curcumin in various pH solution by encapsulating it on cationic micelle Cetyl Trimethyl Ammonium Chloride in a national seminar on Nanomedicine- Current Scenario and Future Opportunities, 2017 by Post Graduate Department of Chemistry, SN College, chengannur.

Positions Held


1. Science Club coordinator in Academic year 2020-21

Administrative – HOD in charge of Department of Environmental Science, NSS College, Cherthala from June 2020 to May 2022.