Department of Chemistry

The department of Chemistry came into existence with the introduction of B. Sc (Chemistry) programme on 7th, August, 1968. A restructured semester programme, B. Sc (Environment and water Management) was started in 2001. Most of the students passing out of the department opt for higher studies and it has a large number of highly placed alumni. The department has several well equipped labs. The Environment and water Management lab has got approved by C-grade by the Kerala State Pollution Control Board and is capable for providing various consultancy services such as water testing, guidance for student/teacher projects, Environment auditing-ISO 14001-14004, Environmental impact analysis etc. The department offers two UG courses, B. Sc (Chemistry), B. Sc (Environmental science and Environment & Water Management), one UGC-aided add-on course on “Disaster Management” and two career-oriented certification courses on “Soil and Water Analysis”.

Faculty Name Qualification E-mail

Mrs. S. Mahadevi
Asso. Professor and HOD

MSc., M.Phil, BEd. 


Mrs. Divya K. M.
Asst. Professor

Msc.,BEd. NET.  MPhil


Dr. Sudheesh N.

Asst. Professor

Msc., M.Tech., Ph.D.

Dr. Sandhya K. P.
Asst. Professor

MSc., M.Phil., Ph.D.,

Dr. Praveen A. K.
Asst. Professor

MSc., Ph.D.,

Dr. Praveen N. K.
Asst. Professor

 MSc., Ph.D.


Dr. Umadevi A. G.
Asst. Professor

M.Sc., M.Phil.,NET,PhD


  • Make courses more value-added by incorporating advanced theory/practical module and imparting it to advanced learners.
  • Provide opportunities for meritorious students to have lab training at a higher level in analytical works at reputed labs.
  • Remedial programmes including peer teaching to slow learners.
  • Provide communication skill and computer training to students.
  • Give discipline-related career guidance for final year students.
  • Organize community services like Environmental awareness, Environmental auditing, Panchayat level people participation, Micro-level planning and recycling technology.
  • Provide orientation courses and practical training in the use of recyclable materials in place of plastic carry bags.
  • Provide motivation and training in the Environmental impact assessment and Water management techniques.
  • Provide consultancy services like Environmental auditing, Environment impact assessment and Project guidance.