Institutional Distinctiveness of the College

When our founder Acharya Bharatha Kesari Padmabhooshan Sri Mannathu Padmanabhan set out to revolutionise, he chose education as his tool. With His vision, the Nair Service Society has founded colleges in very remote, rural areas of Kerala. The purpose being to provide quality education to the underprivileged.

Our college is a living testimony to our revered founder’s dream. We have been catering to youth who are often first generation learners, almost always drawn from rural, remote, backward socio – economic circumstances.

  • A good library with easy student access, industry internships, mandatory projects under the guidance of highly qualified teachers, a system of centralised, rigorous internal assessment all uplift the academic experience and enhance the learning potential of our students.
  • Inspite of its remoteness, the college has successfully provided computer facilities, labs, and a few ICT enabled classrooms.
  • Regular seminars, webinars and workshops bring the world of excellence and expertise to expand the horizons of the young minds and ensure that our students are abreast of all latest developments.
  • Our college offers co & extra curricular activities through several clubs

Career Guidance Cell, Entrepreneurship Development Club give the much needed impetus to career growth.

Clubs covering a wide variety of topics from Yoga, Sports, Cultural performances, to Reading, Film & Environmental Clubs enable our students to develop a well rounded personality.

  • With participation in student elections and through workshops on human values, our students are equipped to be better citizens of the country.
  • We provide several grants-in-aid and scholarships to deserving students.
  • Our exemplary Tutorial system, which creates lasting meaningful bonds between teachers and students, Counselling Cell, Student Affairs, Grievances Redressal Cell, Anti-Ragging Cell all offer much needed moral, emotional and legal help to our students.
  • NSS and NCC activities mould our students to be disciplined and socially committed.
  • Our students are well represented in several intercollegiate, University competitions and have won many of them.

All of this ensures that our students overcome the challenges of their background and emerge confident to face the world to carve a niche for themselves.